Norse Atlantic Airways Launches With Cheap Flight Routes From U.S. to Europe

Norse Atlantic Airways, a new transatlantic low-cost air carrier, launched this June with cheap direct flights from the U.S. to Europe.

If you’re looking for cheap flights across the Atlantic this summer, Norse Atlantic Airways may be the answer. Norse Atlantic launched on June 14 with low-cost flight routes from the U.S. to Europe, starting at $116 for a one-way trip. While other carriers like JetBlue, EasyJet and Air Asia have paved the way to low-cost international travel, Norse Atlantic centers its transatlantic routes on Oslo and a few other major U.S. and European cities.

This may seem like a budget traveler’s dream come true — however, there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a budget airline for a long-haul flight. For example, Norse Atlantic Airways charges an additional fee for every “extra” included with your trip, which encompasses everything from in-flight meals to checked bags and carry-ons. By the time you add all the additional costs to your cheap fare, you may end up paying as much as you would with a traditional airline — or even more.

What can you expect on Norse Atlantic Airways?

Norse Atlantic boasts a number of transatlantic flight routes from the U.S. to Europe which launched earlier this month, with more to come later this summer. Prices start at $116 per one-way flight, should you choose the most minimal fare class.

This low-cost air carrier employs a fleet of “Longships,” Boeing 787 planes that the airline claims to be some of “the most modern, efficient aircraft” flying today.

The direct transatlantic flight routes currently include the following:

  • New York to Berlin, London and Oslo
  • Ft. Lauderdale – Miami to Oslo
  • Los Angeles to Berlin and Oslo
  • Orlando to Oslo

Norse Atlantic fare classes
Norse Atlantic offers two primary fare classes — Economy and Premium. Within each of these fare classes, you can choose from three different levels (Light, Classic and Plus), with each level increasing in both price and amenities offered.


1 underseat bag
1 carry-on (10kg/22lb)
1 standard checked bag (23k/50lb)
1 meal service
Changeable for fee
Priority boarding
Seat selection


1 underseat bag
1 carry-on (10kg/22lb)
Standard checked bag (23k/50lb) x1 x2
Meal service x2 x2 x2
Changeable for fee
Priority check-in
Priority boarding
Seat selection

Is flying Norse Atlantic worth it?

Though cheap fares from major U.S. cities to Europe may seem enticing, you’ll likely end up spending an arm and a leg for basic enhancements to these bare-bones flight offerings, like adding a checked bag or carry-on. Traditional airlines like United or Delta already include items like in-flight meals and at least one free carry-on for many international destinations, even when flying basic economy.

With Norse Atlantic’s most basic fare class, Economy Light, you’ll get the cheapest fare, but you’ll have to pay out of pocket for checked bags and carry-ons, seat selection, in-flight meals and any additional extras you need. Remember, too, that you’ll need to apply the amount for each of these extras to both your departing and returning flights, so the cost will be doubled. For example, if you want one standard checked bag on your flights there and back, you’ll be paying $70 each way, for a grand total of $140 that gets tacked on to your overall bill.

The following is an example of how much Norse Atlantic’s “extras” and flight amenities cost on a round trip flight we looked at from New York City to London on Aug. 12, 2022, returning a week later on Aug. 19, 2022. Note that these prices may vary depending on your particular flight:

Checked bags:

  • Carry-on (10kg / 22lbs): $25
  • Light checked (15kg / 33lbs): $60
  • Standard checked (23kg / 50lbs): $70
  • Heavy checked (32kg / 70lbs): $170

Seat selection:

  • Economy

    • Standard seat: Starts at $20
    • Preferred seat: Starts at $60
    • Extra legroom seat: Starts at $100

  • Premium

    • Extra legroom seat: $35 to $100

In-flight meals:


  • Priority airport check in: $20
  • Airport check in: $10
  • Priority boarding: $15
  • Carbon offset: $6

To determine whether or not a Norse Atlantic Airways flight is worth it in any given situation, compare the price of a flight on a typical airline (including taxes and fees) against the Norse Atlantic option after adding on all your desired extras. If the Norse Atlantic Airways flight is still cheaper, it could definitely be worth it for budget travelers.

For example, if you compare flying round trip from New York City (JFK) to London (LGW) on direct flights choosing Economy Light on Norse Atlantic and Basic Economy on American Airlines, the Norse Atlantic flight still ends up being cheaper after including all the extras.

The Norse Atlantic final price comes out to $996 when flying Economy Light and adding a checked bag, a standard seat, one in-flight meal and carbon offset for both departing and returning flights.

Norse Atlantic:

Flying Basic Economy on American Airlines, on the other hand, comes out to $1,039 before adding checked bags (which cost $75 each way) and accepting a random seat assignment. If you add one checked bag for both returning and departing flights, the total cost comes out to $1,189. However, it’s worth noting that this fare includes two meals, plus complimentary snacks and drinks, as well as a free carry-on and personal item.

American Airlines:

New York to London Gatwick on AA itinerary

In sum, while Norse Atlantic ends up being the cheaper option, even after adding all the extras, American Airlines is about $200 more expensive — but may be the more comfortable option. As such, deciding whether flying with Norse Atlantic Airways is worth it or not will come down to your budget and personal preference, but it’s certainly worth considering for your next trip across the pond.