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In standard, meals processors are greater for slicing, grating, slicing or if not processing sound components, even though blenders are perfect for crushing and pureeing liquids and sound food items together. Food processors can leak when applied for liquids, whilst blenders can get stuck if there isn’t plenty of liquid.

Here is when to use each and every.

Use a Blender for Smoother Purees and Soups

You can use either resource to puree meals, but a blender will produce smoother final results — particularly for purees with much more liquid, like baby food, soups and sauces.

“The pureeing course of action alone is a physical crushing or shearing that breaks the plant tissue into pieces and liberates thickening molecules from them,” writes Harold McGee in “On Foods and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen area.” He goes on to say, “Blenders and mortars are the most productive tools for this food items processors slice alternatively than crush.”

When producing a very hot pureed soup, an immersion blender can be a helpful instrument if you never have one particular, diligently pour the soup into the blender jar and address the lid with a towel to avert splattering.

Use a Blender to Make Frozen Drinks

Blenders ended up created for building milkshakes, so it helps make sense that they would be the most effective software for beverages from smoothies to frozen cocktails. A blender’s tall jar has room for a lot more liquid than a meals processor. The fast, sharp blades of a superior-run blender were being produced for liquifying frozen fruit.

Use a Blender to Crush Ice

Use a blender for crushing ice. As equipment tester Cindy Fisher informed Tasting Table, “the ice can damage the foodstuff processor’s chopping blade and plastic container.”

Use a Food Processor for Nut Butters

The extensive bowl of a foods processor is greater for processing mixtures that are small on liquid, like nut butters.

Use a Food items Processor for Mixing and Kneading Bread or Pastry Dough

A foods processor is the only appliance that operates for cutting butter into flour to make a pie crust.

Use a Foods Processor to Grate Elements

The shredding disc on your foods processor is wonderful for grating components like from carrots to cheese.

Use a Meals Processor to Chop Dry Components

A food items processor’s huge bowl is improved for chopping a huge batch of veggies. Use the pulse button to stay clear of turning your vegetables into a puree.

Use Either for Building Pesto

A blender will generate a smoother pesto, even though a food stuff processor will generate a a bit coarser pesto. A Ligurian nonna, having said that, will convey to you to use neither — a mortar and pestle is the classic way to do it. (The phrase “pesto” will come from the verb “to pound.”)