Flight attendant for a main U.S airline reveals what it can be Truly like to do the job in the skies

On paper the existence of a flight attendant is a glamorous a single, but it really is not generally plane sailing, as one male flight attendant functioning for a U.S legacy provider has unveiled.

He has lifted the lid on the reality of performing at 38,000ft, touching on all the things from the terrifying traveling experiences they’d endured to how travellers can get special treatment method from the crew.

Taking to Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ forum, user ‘FriendlySkyGuy’ opened up the ground to thoughts, declaring: ‘I am a flight attendant at a significant U.S airline, check with me anything.’

One particular person, ‘ManMan36’, questioned which airline passengers are ‘the most annoying’ to fly with, to which the flight attendant replied: ‘The kinds who are so wrapped up in their have world they forget about that they are travelling with 200 other human beings, and are staying attended to by other humans.’

In that vein, user ‘Poj7326’ puzzled what the ‘worst shopper interaction’ was that the flight attendant had ever dealt with, top him to reveal: ‘I experienced to get a drunk previous NFL player out of my galley when he would not get the hint that my co-employee did not want to snooze with him. That was rough, and I would’ve been screwed if he had gotten any extra violent.’

Taking to Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ forum, user ‘FriendlySkyGuy’, a male flight attendant working for a U.S legacy carrier, opened up the floor to questions about the reality of working in the skies

Getting to Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ forum, person ‘FriendlySkyGuy’, a male flight attendant performing for a U.S legacy provider, opened up the floor to issues about the truth of operating in the skies 

‘PyrrhuraMolinae’ requested what the ‘most disgusting’ variety of passenger is on a flight, only for the crewmember to expose that it is really ‘everyone who walks into the toilets with no sneakers or socks’ – as the flooring are ‘gross’. 


From time to time, mothers and fathers travelling with compact kids can also conclude up in flight attendants’ negative publications.

Person ‘winwithaneontheend’ asked the crewmember to record the irritating items that dad and mom have a tendency to do mid-flight. In response, the flight attendant uncovered that it is a massive faux pas to be expecting the crew to ‘have entertainment for a toddler for 6 hours’.

He extra: ‘[Don’t]… question us for milk (you will not want ours, rely on me), cooling (I never have fridges), or heating (I am not putting your bottles in our ovens).’

To assistance moms and dads with youthful ones cope with flights, the flight attendant supplied up some strategies. 

He said: ‘Be fully self-enough. Bear in mind that babies have a tough time altering to the pressurization and cannot very clear their ears like adults. Get them anything to chew on prior to get-off and landing, that frequently allows. Inquire for aid if you require it. Acquire your time… board early if the airline lets you, and deplane later than other folks.’

Commonly, there are some items that each sort of passenger can do to remain on the crew’s excellent side.

The flight attendant says of flying with small children: 'Remember that babies have a hard time adjusting to the pressurization and can't clear their ears like adults. Get them something to chew on before take-off and landing'

The flight attendant claims of traveling with modest children: ‘Remember that infants have a challenging time modifying to the pressurization and are unable to apparent their ears like grownups. Get them a thing to chew on in advance of acquire-off and landing’ 

When ‘BourneHero’ asked for specific traveling ideas to ‘get improved treatment’ from the crew, he replied: ‘First, be nice. Most of us begin the day satisfied, but somewhere together the line, anyone checks us. If you convey us stuff, we have a tendency to see. I’ll be trustworthy, not all people gives totally free stuff in return, but I’ll at least purchase you a consume if you deliver chocolates or a card or anything — as do most of my co-employees.’

‘TheTaoOfMe’ questioned what form of meals the crew likes to acquire as gifts, and the FA replied: ‘I’ll try to eat things if it is wrapped. Personally, I will not likely consume handmade stuff… chocolates are well-liked. If you happen to be somewhere with a community delicacy, that’s often wonderful also.’

What about showing appreciation by leaving a tip when purchasing from the trolley? When user ‘nothing_showing’ questioned if it was ‘acceptable’ to do so, the flight attendant replied: ‘We’re intended to politely drop after prior to accepting. It is not widespread, but it is appreciated! Just keep in mind there’s extra than a single of us on the plane, so I’d only do it if you gained extraordinary company from just one of us in specific.’

And what really should you be ordering from the trolley in the to start with place? Person ‘Mishanany’ questioned: ‘Chicken or fish?’ to which the FA replied: ‘Chicken. Airplane fish is gross.’

The flight attendant suggests he doesn’t propose purchasing tea or espresso, both. When consumer ‘s1lv3rbug’ enquired about the drinks menu, the crew member admitted he prefers to consume bottled, boxed or canned drinks on board, since the espresso and tea ‘comes from the potable drinking water tanks’ that are ‘filled at a lot of airports by quite a few diverse persons and cleaning them is hard’. 

Security IN THE SKIES 

Serving food and beverages, having said that, is not the most important section of the job. Security normally takes precedence.

The flight attendant says that the crew are supposed to 'politely decline' a tip once before accepting it

The flight attendant says that the crew are intended to ‘politely decline’ a suggestion once right before accepting it 


On poorly behaved travellers: I experienced to take a drunk former NFL participant out of my galley when he would not get the hint that my co-worker did not want to slumber with him.

To moms and dads: Be completely self-sufficient. Keep in mind that toddlers have a difficult time adjusting to the pressurization and can’t distinct their ears like grown ups. Get them some thing to chew on just before acquire-off and landing, that commonly helps.

To travellers: First, be awesome. Most of us start the day joyful, but someplace together the line, a person checks us.

Guidelines: We’re supposed to politely drop as soon as just before accepting. It is not common, but it is appreciated.

Items: I am going to eat things if it truly is wrapped. Personally, I will not try to eat handmade stuff… chocolates are well known. If you happen to be someplace with a regional delicacy, that is usually nice much too.

Airplane food stuff: Airplane fish is gross.

The job: If the occupation was all serving meals, they’d have changed us with vending equipment decades in the past

Turbulence: It really is bumpy, positive, but even if you fall 500ft (152m), you might be nonetheless countless numbers of ft in the air. It’d have to be actually lousy to bring about any actual problems. But at that place, the pilots would be trying to uncover a new route or altitude.

The travelling: I’ve woken up and not acknowledged what town, condition, or even place I’m in.

The mile-superior club: I haven’t observed it, but I know crewmembers who have. And some who’ve joined the club by themselves.

Source: Flight attendant on Reddit’s ‘IAmA’ discussion board.

User ‘lost18k’ requested: ‘How do you get around the panic that the airplane can crash at any time?’ To which the flight attendant replied: ‘Five months of instruction are committed to unexpected emergency procedures. We just hope to never ever have to use that schooling. But if one thing happens, I have a even worse likelihood of surviving than you do. It’s why we’re so cranky about seemingly benign issues (laptops absent, tray tables up, points unplugged, and so on) from time to time. If the occupation was all serving foods, they’d have changed us with vending machines many years in the past.’

When asked to explain the scariest moment they’d expert on the occupation, the flight attendant claimed: ‘Lost 1 engine. The second begun smoking cigarettes closely, 45 minutes from an airport.’ He observed that whilst they produced a risk-free landing, the ‘passengers weren’t happy’, adding: ‘Fifteen or 20 did not get on the alternative airplane they found us the moment we landed.’

Prepping for an crisis landing is a little something the flight attendant has only had to do 2 times in his career, he unveiled. He reported: ‘It’s not entertaining, but we just tumble back to our coaching and by the time it can be about, it can be like you were being on autopilot and failed to genuinely have time to freak out.’

How does he preserve quiet through turbulence, consider-off and landing, person ‘Probablyawning’ puzzled. In accordance to the flight attendant, ‘it’s like using a subway as soon as you get used to it’. He elaborated: ‘It’s bumpy, absolutely sure, but even if you fall 500ft (152m), you’re however thousands of ft in the air. It’d have to be truly lousy to lead to any true damage. But at that position, the pilots would be striving to find a new route or altitude.’

When person ‘hollakris’ pressed him to explain the worst turbulence he’d knowledgeable, he explained: ‘[It] was not much too lousy. We dropped a bit, my toes lifted in my footwear but did not leave the ground.’ He adds that he ended up crawling back to his seat.

Any information for persons that are ‘absolutely terrified’ of traveling, ‘mariataytay’ enquired? The flight attendant stated that anxious flyers should really ‘absolutely’ let the crew know about their anxiousness, saying: ‘We’ll examine on you in the course of the flight. Most of us have buddies or relatives that are nervous fliers also, we have an understanding of.’

Although he admitted he did not have any particular coping mechanisms, he claimed: ‘General anxiousness [tips] I have picked up include things like earning confident your diet is well balanced (and you happen to be not changing it way too a great deal right before a flight), steer clear of caffeine, sugars, and alcoholic beverages.

‘Find a very good respiration app for your cell phone and do respiration workout routines. Understand to effectively meditate. Individually, I like restricted garments when I’m anxious (I like hugs, and tight outfits is close ample from time to time) but if you get claustrophobic, use unfastened outfits.’

If the occupation was all serving foods, they’d have replaced us with vending machines several years ago 

On the other finish of the spectrum, the flight attendant experienced a couple of suggestions for people today who enjoy air vacation so a lot that they want to get a position in the business. 

When an unnamed consumer questioned for suggestions to share with a good friend who is an aspiring flight attendant, the crew member explained: ‘To put together, [your friend should] get as considerably customer service experience on her resume as feasible. Bonus points for supervisor roles.’ He included that it will help to learn a new language way too.

The flight attendant recommends that nervous flyers avoid caffeine when they're flying

The flight attendant endorses that nervous flyers avoid caffeine when they are flying 

Did nearly anything disappoint him about the market when he joined, consumer ‘noTSAluv’ wondered?

The flight attendant mirrored: ‘I’d performed my exploration and I knew most of the downsides heading into the occupation. The largest issue I was not anticipating is the way of living transform. You start and stop each trip at your dwelling foundation, but that doesn’t suggest you start out and close each day at that base. A a few-day vacation may possibly acquire you by way of eight cities, and you may well wake up and go to slumber in distinctive cities just about every of all those times. I have woken up and not regarded what town, state, or even nation I am in.’


A further downside seems to be the influence the task can have on a flight attendant’s really like existence.

When ‘Tidus600’ questioned about how challenging it is to preserve a profitable connection, the flight attendant mentioned: ‘My girlfriend of six several years broke up with me due to the fact of the work. The life style is tricky on beloved kinds as well.’

My girlfriend of six decades broke up with me due to the fact of the work. The life style is challenging on cherished ones 

Are there at any time any romances concerning crew members, one particular unnamed person asked. The flight attendant unveiled: ‘Depends on the crew… Talking from expertise, on an global widebody [plane] with a junior crew, you will find generally at least just one person hooking up on a layover, be it with a different crew member, area, or (seldom) a passenger.’

This requires us to the infamous mile-high club – when consumer ‘drumminslife’ questioned whether or not the flight attendant had witnessed any passengers attempting to have intercourse on a airplane, he responded: ‘I have not observed it, but I know crewmembers who have. And some who’ve joined the club by themselves.’

When an unnamed Reddit user enquired about whether passengers would get charged if they were being caught in the act, the flight attendant replied: ‘Typically? No. If you get caught, you happen to be advised to stop. If you do, and you were not going at [it] in your seat in entrance of all people, most flight attendants would drop it then – we dislike paperwork like absolutely everyone else.’