Extravagant Feast to Feed People at Outdoor NYC Pop-Up

When Fancy Feast debuted in the early 1980s, just one of its advertising factors was its “moist and delicious” gourmet cat foods in flavors that could earn around even the most discerning feline. One of the brand’s earliest commercials highlighted a white Persian cat who politely ate an entire can of its Beef and Liver Feast, while telling its owner “We are well worth it.” Over 40 many years afterwards, the Purina-owned brand name is still making an attempt to impress cats with its culinary offerings — and it would like to give their owners a taste of what they’ve been placing in their pets’ bowls.

Fancy Feast will be celebrating Worldwide Cat Day with a two-day Fête du Feline celebration in New York City’s Madison Square Park. On Monday, August 7, it will host the Fête du Feline Grand Tasting, an intimate party showcasing “a assortment of sips and bites” made for individuals, but showcasing the flavors of Extravagant Feast. The distinctive menu was designed by Fancy Feast’s in-property chef Amanda Hassner and Andrew Rea, the legendary YouTube foodie guiding “Binging with Babish,” “Basics with Babish,” and the relaxation of the Babish Culinary Universe. 

“In producing the menu for Fête du Feline, I required to play with all the issues that make Fancy Feast so appealing to cats and carry all those to lifestyle for cat fans,” Hassner explained in a statement. “Serving meals, whether to other men and women or our animals, is this sort of an act of really like, and I want people to get a taste of the delight cats practical experience when consuming.”

The meal will include things like savory basil lemonade served “Fancy Feast-style” (which was not spelled out, but may perhaps or may possibly not mean “in a metallic can”) and a braised beef panzanella. Rea also place his very own spin on a Fancy Feast Gems standard, paté with gravy. “Pâté is this sort of a classic presentation in both great eating and cat food items,” he mentioned. “I recreate famous dishes each individual day, but using on my cat Bucky’s preferred food items was a enjoyable, new problem for me.”

This is not the initially time Extravagant Feast has served feline-impressed fare to their human customers. Previous summertime, they introduced a two evening-only pop-up restaurant, Gatto Blanco, in Manhattan. The extremely-short term trattoria dependent its menu on Extravagant Feast’s Medleys line, and offered a multi-study course meal that integrated baked sea bass, an Osso Bucco-impressed salmon, and Tuscan-design spare ribs.

Extravagant Feast is supplying away a confined number of totally free tickets for its Fête du Feline Grand Tasting, which will be held amongst 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on Monday, August 7. Registration for the event will commence at 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday, July 31, and possible attendees will be allowed to register for by themselves and one guest. The other Worldwide Cat Working day-themed experiences — including hand-drawn pet portraits and a meet up with-and-greet with the Extravagant Feast cat — will be open to the general public on Tuesday, August 8 from 11 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Oh, and cats on leashes or in carriers are also permitted to accompany their people to the celebration.

If you are undecided about likely, just keep in mind what that Liver Feast-taking in cat mentioned: You’re truly worth it.