Do Personal Jet Crew Get Suggestions?

Can doing work on a non-public jet be profitable?

A dilemma usually asked of flight attendants who work on non-public jets is whether we get recommendations or not. Doing the job on a yacht is normally regarded a very similar placement, and it is recognised that yacht crew normally make up a significant portion of their salary by means of the guests’ guidelines. A suggestion is expected from guests following each constitution and normally among $1500 and $2000. Is it the identical for flight attendants?

Private operator

If the personal jet is privately owned, the operator or operator will negotiate and pay out the agreed salary. For each diems (a nightly absent from base payment) will be an more excess. Guidelines are particularly exceptional in this circumstance as the crew is previously ‘paid’ a wage. The crew is witnessed as individuals used by the proprietor.


Royals and governments

Royals and governments typically have their own aircraft and own crew. At times an aircraft may possibly be chartered on request through an operator. In common, these flights are very set to the protocol demanded. Stability and discretion are key elements. Flight attendants working on these sorts of flights would hardly ever assume to obtain a idea.

vistajet cabin hostess boarding private jet

Image: Vistajet

Charter flights

Constitution flights are substantially far more different. They can be carrying a football team to an occasion or a band on tour – it may be a a person-off flight or above a set period of time of time. In standard, 1-off suggestions are uncommon, but if you’ve been traveling the exact team of men and women for a whilst, they may possibly tip at the conclude of a tour, but not constantly! VIP families are frequently the most generous with strategies. Frequently they will fly to an additional property in another region for a handful of months and make it an situation. They like to idea the crew as portion of their knowledge, especially if they realize them from a past flight.


It quite much is dependent on the operator or company plan as to how to proceed with tip sharing. At times the guide will condition that recommendations are at the individual’s discretion or might be shared in between the crew. Flight crew are tipped more than the flight attendant/s. A idea can vary anyplace from $50 to $500 in the cabin but substantially additional in the cockpit. When you are doing the job with a standard crew who all know every single other, it is far more very likely that they will pool all guidelines with each other and share them similarly.

pilot cabin crew private jetDiscretion

It is very important for discretion with suggestions, and when doing the job on personal jets, you would by no means anticipate them. On non-public jets, we do have stationary onboard and offer envelopes ought to they be essential. A passenger could hand you a hard cash observe instantly, but more normally than not, they ask for for envelopes. These are then handed to just about every crew member independently. It is a thing that is completed practically invisibly for politeness.


In standard, the comparison of tipping in the private jet environment is entirely different from that of yachts. They acquire a one quantity and share it equally concerning the crew and are gained every constitution. We almost never obtain guidelines immediately after our flights and would under no circumstances anticipate it – despite the fact that this may differ in some parts of the entire world, where by tipping is a lot more normal. Having said that, we are really grateful when we do obtain a suggestion, as it all aids!