Consider the Czech Republic for your next cycling vacation

I don’t fit neatly into the silos of interest that seem to have taken shape in modern cycling. I don’t race, at least competitively, and I don’t really care if I’m on a gravel bike or a road bike. I like to ride my bike as a vehicle of adventure but I certainly don’t fit the adventure cyclist mould. I like to go places and experience the world on two wheels but I also like to sleep in a bed and I don’t like to carry much on my bike. I have a feeling I’m not alone even if that’s not what gets talked about much. 

I do have one more small quirk though. I don’t like to go to the same places as most people. While riding in Mallorca has a certain appeal, I like to look for something different. The same goes for big events too. It’s fun to show up along with everyone else but it’s also fun to find a part of the world that’s not so well trodden by cyclists. This year, I’ve been able to explore what this actually looks like a bit and share it with you. Generally, that has meant stories about a specific adventure like a ride through central California and a broken bike frame, or setting a record riding between Prague and Vienna