5 Tips For Traveling on Southwest as a Touring Photographer

As a traveling photographer who works primarily in the United States and the Caribbean, I commit most of my time flying on Southwest Airlines. Given that I frequently travel for image shoots and weddings, I commonly find myself at my favored airport—Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International (BWI)— any where from two to three occasions for every month. I was essentially at property around the Christmas holiday seasons when I noticed the experiences of people today stranded across the place. At 1st, I considered of leaping off the Southwest bandwagon. Then I remembered that I have quite a few flights booked by purchasers who hope me at their occasion or area in 2023, and rebooking on an additional airline is an additional headache I want to stay away from. So I came up with some fundamental suggestions for myself and others as we undertaking deeper into 2023 in the pleasant, or sometimes unfriendly, skies.

Southwest Airlines travel disruptions
Southwest Airways passengers stand in lines all through delays and cancellations at LaGuardia Airport, Friday Dec. 23, 2022, in New York. (Picture by Richard Jones)

Suggestions for the Touring Photographer Flying Southwest (and Other) Airlines:

1. Converse with Your Shopper: As soon as you know about the hold off, remember to arrive at out to your purchaser to allow them know what is taking place and when you anticipate arriving.

2. If your flight is drastically delayed, you should glance into other flight alternatives to see if you can find just one that will get you to your vacation spot as soon as probable. Achieve out to a travel agent or airline to discover out if other choices are readily available.

3. Take into consideration other modes of transportation: If no other flights get you to your desired destination on time, take into consideration a rental car or coach. 

4. Create a contingency program: If you cannot arrive at the marriage on time, you will will need to make a contingency system in advance of time. Locating an further photographer to cover the marriage or event should be element of this program.

5. Be all set for excess fees: Delays can normally suggest further rates, like resort stays or meals, so you should system for that. You must be well prepared to pay out for these expenses or negotiate with your consumer to see if they will fork out.

Traveling photographer on Southwest
Image © Chip Dizard

Total, keeping tranquil and staying proactive about acquiring options to difficulties are crucial. You can continue to keep your business and your partnership with the customer from currently being hurt by the hold off if you keep the client informed and are willing to be versatile.

Let’s hope the 2023 journey season is improved than how it ended.

Upward and onward, traveling photographer!

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