20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel

In this article, we will discuss the 20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel. You can skip our detailed analysis of the US scent market, deep analysis of the perfume market, and key companies in the perfume industry and go directly to the 5 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel.

For centuries, scents have captivated humankind with their unique combinations of fragrant notes. These pieces of art have enthralling aromas that stimulate emotions, memories, and unique expressions, leaving a lasting impression on anybody who inhales them. 

US Scent Market: 

According to the most recent data by Technavio, the size of the US perfume market is expected to increase by $3,029.11 million between 2022 and 2027. Throughout the projected period, the market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 9.12%.

US-based brand, Kendra Scott, is a well-known brand that has just entered the perfume sector by adding perfumes to its collection of products. Kendra Scott debuted three fragrances in November 2023, each given the name of a different stone: Ruby Musk, Amber Aura, and Jade Blossom. These scents can be purchased online and at Kendra Scott retail stores for between $30 and $120. 

This means that customers can buy the brand’s scents more easily and widely as a result. For the brand as a whole, the introduction of Kendra Scott fragrances is an important milestone. This indicates that Kendra Scott is developing and expanding, and it’s a strategy for the company to attract a wider audience while maintaining its relevance in the contemporary beauty industry.

A Deep Analysis of the Perfume Market: 

The global perfume market, valued at $50.85 billion in 2022, is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 5.9% between 2023 and 2030, as per Grand View Research. This expansion is being fueled by a greater emphasis on personal grooming and a growing demand for luxury and exotic fragrances. Consumers are spending more on premium fragrances as disposable incomes rise and living conditions improve, propelling this sector ahead. Perfumes have become a vital part of the cosmetics and personal care markets, contributing to people’s pride and confidence in the face of a growing personal care trend.

However, the unfavorable impacts of artificial chemicals used for perfumes are projected to impede growth during the projection period and may limit product acceptance. Furthermore, the expanding global market for perfume products made with natural ingredients is anticipated to present substantial prospects for this industry’s expansion. 

Due to the industry players’ declining sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, the COVID-19 pandemic had a detrimental effect on the worldwide industry. For example, LVMH Group, a major perfume manufacturer, saw a 20% fall in revenue in 2020 compared to 2019.

The client base is also anticipated to grow as a result of manufacturers’ diversifying product offerings. For instance, Chanel’s fragrance portfolio includes a variety of perfume items, such as parfum and Eau de parfum spray. 

Companies are aggressively pursuing and investing in advertising techniques, as well as in technology, to attract customers and expand their reach. For example, L’Oréal Groupe in 2018 invented a tool called dubbed cockpit to assess the productivity level and real-time return on investment of its media investments. This technology allowed for better decision-making while developing performance strategies. These factors have helped businesses better analyze the effectiveness of their products and create products that satisfy consumers. Thus, fueling the expansion of this worldwide industry. 

In 2022, Europe’s revenue share was the highest, at over 35.10%. The leading nations supporting the expansion in the region are the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) was positioned as the top participant in the German perfume market in 2020. 

France is the home of many renowned scent brands. With the largest production and export values, the nation has been leading the European market. Throughout the projection period, Asia Pacific is anticipated to increase at the fastest rate.  

Key Companies in the Perfume Industry:

L’Oreal, a French company, and Natura & Co. inked a deal for L’Oreal to pay $2.53 billion in 2023 for the Australian luxury beauty brand Aesop. With the acquisition of Aesop, L’Oreal has made an intentional effort to grow its portfolio and boost its market share in the premium beauty sector. 

Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) , a prominent player in the beauty industry with an annual revenue of $5.55 billion in 2023, and Perfect Corp. announced a partnership agreement in September 2021 to integrate various AI and AR techniques into the digital marketing toolsets of Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) ‘s cosmetic businesses. These new solutions will provide data-driven customization, online skin diagnostics, and virtual try-ons for Coty’s wide range of fragrances as well as for brands like Philosophy, Sally Hansen, and CoverGirl, among others.

Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) a leader in the fragrance industry, and Etro, a prestigious Italian luxury fashion brand, announced their strategic partnership in February 2024. The goal of the partnership is to use Coty’s vast knowledge and global distribution network in the beauty sector to develop and launch Etro’s signature fragrance lines. This demonstrates how market players are working together to utilize mutual strengths, broaden product offerings, and enter new markets. 

In the perfume industry, Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAR) is a notable name. Established in 1982, Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAR) creates and sells cosmetics and fragrances for several companies, including Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Moncler, and Montblanc. In 2023, Inter Parfums, Inc. (NASDAQ:IPAR) had an astonishing annual revenue of $1.31 billion.

With that said, here are the 20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel.

20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel


To pick out the 20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel, we have used a consensus-based approach using a diverse variety of credible sources to determine premium hotel scents. To give you the finest result possible, we picked scents that appeared multiple times in our research, assigned them a score of 1 each time they were mentioned, and ranked them on aggregated scores. We used product reviews for tie-breaking scents with the same scores.

Please note that for our list, we have included high-end hotel scents as well as premium scents that are used in luxurious 5-star hotels. 

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20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel

20. Shangri LA Scent

Insider Monkey Score: 2

Founded in 1971, Shangri-La is a high-end hotel. The Shangri-La Scent, referred to as the Essence of Shangri-La, was created using black tea as the primary ingredient. The scents of fresh tea are complemented effectively by sandalwood, ginger, vanilla, and bergamot. Numerous visitors have inquired about the scent’s availability as a perfume, as it has become increasingly popular over the years. It is now available for purchase as a candle, room spray, and reed diffuser. It is one of the 20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel. 

19.  W Hotel Scent

Insider Monkey Score: 2

The Marriott Hotels portfolio includes the luxury W Hotels brand. This brand’s fragrance centers around citrus notes like lemon, neroli, and bergamot. This is complemented by green tea’s freshness and traces of fruity peach. Following many years of success, the W Hotel Scent created a line of scented candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays. The W hotel candle comes in a stylish metallic silver jar that would look great as a gift for home decor.

18. St. Regis Scent

Insider Monkey Score: 2

Marriott Hotels is the owner of the upscale hotel brand St. Regis Hotel. The St. Regis now has about 62 hotels spread across nations like Mexico, China, UAE, Italy, and China. St. Regis “Caroline’s 400” fragrance notes the historical importance of this extraordinary ball, from the exotic timbers of the ballroom to rich American Beauty roses and white lilies. The result is a fresh, floral, and energizing aroma that elevates the St. Regis hotel experience on a worldwide scale. The hotel offers it for sale as a high-end candle and room scent.

17. One Hotel Scent

Insider Monkey Score: 2

Scent Marketing Inc. created the One Hotel scent. The scent maker uses naturally derived ingredients like cedarwood and eucalyptus, and these are exquisitely paired with floral notes of iris and violet. Sandalwood is another woody ingredient used to create warm and creamy notes. The One Hotel Scent is an aromatic masterpiece that comes in two sizes: a 9-oz candle with one wick and a 36-oz candle with three wicks. 

16. Diptyque Baies 

Insider Monkey Score: 2

Diptyque Baies has a pleasant scent of freshly harvested blackcurrant berries. Its fragrant, green perfume mingles with the vibrant, floral notes of rose. The Ritz-Carlton, a luxurious 5-star hotel, partnered with Diptyque in 2022. Fancy hotels smell so good because they use luxurious scents, such as Diptique Baies. 

15. Hermes Eau Orange Verte 

Insider Monkey Score: 2

This scent is an explosion of citrus notes, with orange prevailing among zests and leaves, lemon, mandarin, mint, and blackcurrant bud. Eau d’orange verte exposes its intricacy in a distinct sillage of oak moss and patchouli.

14. L’occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette

Insider Monkey Score: 2

The revitalizing aroma of Verbena Eau de Toilette will make you feel like it’s summertime all year long. Famous Verbena Leaf Extract, which is beloved in Provence for its zesty aroma, includes notes of lemon, geranium, and grain bitter orange to create a fresh and energizing perfume. Make your house smell like a 5-star hotel with this unique scent. 

13. Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo

Insider Monkey Score: 2

Woody and aromatic, Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria is a perfume. It was launched in 2010. Bergamot and Citron are the top notes; Ginger, Cedar, and Flowers are the middle notes; and Benzoin, Musk, and Vetyver are the base notes. It is used in luxurious hotels. It can be used to give your house a five-star hotel-like scent.  

12. Desert Breez

Insider Monkey Score: 3

Enjoy the fresh sea air aroma of Desert Breeze, featuring base notes of Solar Amber, Sandalwood, and Vanilla Musk with top notes of Salty Sea Air, Pomelo, and Mandarin; mid notes of Tiare Flower, Orange Blossom, and Jasmine; and base notes of Tiare Flower, Orange Blossom, and Musk. If you’ve visited the Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, you’ve probably noticed the wonderful scent—Desert Breeze, the hotel’s signature scent. 

11. Malin+Goetz Dark Rum 

Insider Monkey Score: 3

This exquisite scent is a zesty mixture of bergamot and plum, ragged leather, and amber that creates an enticingly warm, intensely sensual, and completely addictive feeling.  All the things that come to mind when you smell rum are highlighted by the notes of this scent. 

10. Byredo Bibliotheque

Insider Monkey Score: 3

The Byredo design house introduced this high-end fragrance. A mix of plum, peach violet, peony leather, vanilla, patchouli, and musk notes make up this floral, woody musk scent. It is one of the 20 Best Luxury Hotel Scents to Make Your Home Smell Like a 5-Star Hotel.

9. Bvlgari Veau Parfumée Au thé Vert Eau de Cologne 

Insider Monkey Score: 3

This luxurious earthy, green tea harmony that forms the basis of this scent melds with the bright citrus notes of Italian bergamot. This scent combines with the reassuring undertones of beeswax and tonka bean to produce a spirit that arouses the senses and represents tranquility. 

8. Byredo Mojave Ghost 

Insider Monkey Score: 4

Byredo’s 2014 release, Mojave Ghost, is a unisex oriental floral fragrance. Inspired by the amazing attractions of the Mojave Desert, this smell embodies its majestic beauty. The fragrance opens with ambrette and Jamaican Nesberry, then moves on to magnolia, violet, and sandalwood in the heart, and finally to cedarwood, amber, and Chantilly musk in the base. It is also one of the 20 Most Luxurious Feminine Perfumes in the World

7. Byredo Bal d’Afrique

Insider Monkey Score: 5

The Byredo line of fragrances, which includes cult favorites like Bal d’Afrique, a warm and romantic vetiver merged with neroli, Moroccan cedarwood, and African marigold, has been used at InterContinental locations. It should come as no surprise that Bal D’Afrique is one of Byredo’s best-selling scents since it’s arguably the most approachable and commercially successful scent in their lineup. 

6. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Insider Monkey Score: 5

Neroli Portofino’s warm, comforting scent whisks you away to a summer holiday spot, conjuring up memories of days spent sunning yourself along the Northern Italian coast. You will be enthralled by its seductive aroma and be able to experience the rich 5-star hotel atmosphere at home

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