15 Early Cyber Monday Amazon Deals Flight Attendants Love

There is nobody — nobody — more qualified to share all the must-have items for traveling than flight attendants. Crew members wrack up thousands of miles a year, taking us to our intended destinations. Along the way, they’ve not only become experts in airline safety, but they’ve also learned a few tips and tricks to make travel more comfortable. 

We spoke to several flight attendants to find out what’s on their holiday wish lists this year — and what items they say they simply cannot travel without. From packing cubes to the perfect weekender bag, here are 15 game-changing products they recommend. Best of all, these items are on major sale for Early Cyber Monday starting at just $7, so there’s never been a better time to stock up.

Packing Cubes


One must-have for crew member Josephine Remo is a great organizer for all her clothing, like “packing cubes and toilet bags,” which she calls, “a flight attendant’s best friend. These are very handy when you are always packing or unpacking.” This set of five cubes by TravelWise will allow you to pack everything into one suitcase, saving you space and potentially money on checked luggage. And Remo isn’t the only one in the industry singing their praises. 

“These are a game-changer,” another flight attendant wrote on the Amazon reviews. “I usually work three- to four-day trips to Japan, Korea, or New Zealand. These cubes allow me to stay organized with extremely limited space on my company-issued roller board…After a long flight I can easily unpack at the crew hotel and toss the cubes into the hotel drawers without having to unpack the old way.” They concluded by saying, “I’ll be ordering a second set to expedite my packing when I have back-to-back trips.”



For flight attendant Lia Ocampo, it’s all about the basics, including bringing along her laptop, a journal, all her vitamins, and of course, a great book. “Inspirational books are my favorite,” she shared. “The last book I’ve reread is The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino.” For those who want to bring along a few great books, the Kindle Scribe is a fantastic option. The two-for-one edition includes the ability to download endless books and acts as an on-the-go notebook so you can keep a travel diary on all your journeys, too. 

Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet


Hilary Clark, the director of Inflight Service for Planet 9, shared that she always brings a little entertainment whenever she flies. “Bring an e-reader, tablet, or Nintendo Switch with access to your favorite books, movies, and games to hold your focus,” she shared. As far as tablets, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Fire Max 11 Tablet while it’s on major sale. If you need a good game for your Switch try Hot Wheels Unleashed 2, which will leave you racing around a track from takeoff to landing. 

Weekender Bag


Sometimes, even for flight crew members, the journey can be short. That’s why Clark said she always has a good weekender bag at the ready. “This weekender bag fits perfectly on top of most suitcases, so you don’t have to lug around a bag on your back or shoulders,” Clark shared of her preferred Béis Weekender Bag. “It also has enough compartments to fit a weekend’s worth of items.” Looking for the same look for less? Try the Etronik Expandable Travel Duffle Bag, which comes with the bonus of a USB charger. 

Medium Wheeled Duffle


Lacey Brown, a cabin service representative at Planet 9, shared her go-to medium-sized carry-on is the Tumi Wheeled Duffel Expandable, which is ideal for mid-length trips. “I have had this bag for years, it lasts so long,” Brown said. “It is especially great for long, overseas flights where it holds major storage capacity for my belongings, including any extra items I purchase during my travels.” Get that same look and space for less with the Amazon Basics Ripstop Wheeled Duffel, available in three colors, which frequent fliers love. 

“Bought this for a trip covering three countries with three different seasons and 30 days — so needed a spacious bag,” one happy reviewer wrote. “Couldn’t have been more pleased with the size and performance. Very sturdy and never concerned about zippers or construction or what might happen with airlines. Would highly recommend.”

Large Checked Wheeled Duffle


And, as Madison Amador, a cabin service representative at Planet 9, added, an excellent large checked bag is key too. “I have traveled with this bag quite a bit, both for long and short-haul flights,” Amador said of her favorite Briggs-Riley Large Two-Wheel Duffle. “It is handy for any sort of rough terrain you come in contact with as the wheels are very durable and long-lasting.” You can again get this same rugged bag for less right now with the Thule duffle that’s ready to cross any terrain. 

Crossbody Bag


There is one more bag you need, according to Pazit Reuven, designer and former flight attendant — and it’s ideal for once you land. “I love to travel feeling hands-free so that I can drink my shakes, do easy shopping, or just walk free without the need to care about my belongings,” Reuven said of a good crossbody bag. A fantastic unisex option is this waterproof, adjustable crossbody (or fanny pack for all you luggage purists out there) that will keep all your necessities safe and handy. 

Travel Air Purifier


Clark likes to be certain that she can stay allergen-free wherever she goes. “No matter the brand, air purifiers can be very helpful for getting rid of any bad smells in hotel rooms (which happens more often than you’d think,” she said. To keep things really portable, try the Travelon Personal Air Purifier, which you can wear and keep a six-foot purified bubble of air around you at all times. 

Wrinkle-Release Spray 


Traveling often means having to stuff your clothing into a bag, causing it to quickly wrinkle. But that’s no problem for Clark, who carries wrinkle-release spray with her, suggesting you do the same. “When you’re in a pinch and don’t have easy access to a steamer or iron, wrinkle-release spray helps to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles to have your clothes looking sleek and fresh,” Clark shared. Try the Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3-in-1 Wrinkle Releaser, which also comes in a handy travel size. 

This is a small but, according to one reviewer, “awesome” purchase. “Very handy to have around especially for vacation when your bags have to be packed,” the reviewer wrote. “I used this hours beforehand and didn’t have to steam or iron any of clothes to attend a wedding.”

Wrinkle-Resistant Top


However, if you’d prefer to keep your baggage as light as possible, you could always do as Reuven does, and just pack wrinkle-resistant clothing, including a lightweight top for layering. “When you have time to spend in a new place, it is always handy to have something to cover yourself against strong air conditioners and, more than that, for modesty that is required in sacred places,” Reuven added. Nautica’s Wrinkle Resistant Long Sleeve Button Front Shirt can do just the trick. 

Dryer Sheets 


Clark has a hot tip for everyone who wants to keep their luggage smelling fresh, no matter how long the trip: Pack dryer sheets. These, Clark said, “keep bad-smelling clothes and shoes from stinking up your suitcase.” The Earthwash Laundry Detergent Sheets are both eco-friendly and easy to use. Just toss one in your bag, and replace every trip.

Hydrating Electrolyte Packs


Clark has one more thing to add to your travel gift list — liquid IVs, or electrolyte packs, so you can stay hydrated on long-haul flights or car trips. “Great for on-the-go, liquid IVs allow you to receive the proper hydration and nutrients your body needs when traveling,” Clark said. The Electrolytes Powder Packets by Key Nutrients will do the trick, and taste great all in one. 

Mini Cosmetics Containers


If you’re going to bring along your entire skincare routine, Reuven said it’s a good idea to find some mini cosmetic containers. “I love having all my cosmetic products with me, but carrying the original containers always made my suitcase too full and too heavy,” Reuven said. This 16-pack of travel bottles by Gemice will take care of that, allowing you to bring everything you need to keep your skin glowing. 

Nail Cream


“As a flight attendant, you are constantly fighting with dry skin, nails, and hair,” Remo shared. “This makes you addicted to your favorite products. My go-to nail and cream is by Nuxe.” While Nuxe could be considered an investment product, those interested in saving their cuticles can get similar results with something like Saviland’s Cuticle Oil. The colorful pens allow for quick application and are perfect for throwing in your carry-on. And, as one reviewer noted, they work better than expected. “The quality is very nice, makes your nails shiny, smooth, and soft. It does what it’s supposed to! It’s definitely worth buying,” the reviewer said, adding “and the smell is amazing.” 

Night Serum


Additionally, Remo added she “never travels” without a good night serum along with argan hair oil to keep her hair and skin moisturized, even on overnight flights. And if you can get it in a travel size, even better. “Travel-size products are always a winner. Airline crew can bring more than 100 ml bottles, but we appreciate not carrying the extra weight around.” Try something like Artnaturals Retinol Serum, which comes with a boost of vitamin C for good measure.

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