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Each year, a new crop of food trends emerge, many of which wither away just as quickly – we all remember a time when the cronut and rainbow bagel defined our Instagram feeds. But some trends have staying power and can even redefine our relationship with food and cooking (think zero-waste cuisine and the all-powerful Instant Pot). Here are 10 predicted food trends for 2024 that merit our attention while promising to satisfy our appetites.

1. Less Artificial Meats

While interest in plant-based foods continues to surge, artificial meats are predicted to take a back seat in favour of more wholesome vegan meals. According to the Whole Foods 2024 Market Forecast, vegetables will be the star this year as people trade in processed faux meat products like Beyond Meat for healthier alternatives with fewer ingredients, such as these veggie-forward burgers.

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2. Time-Saving Appliances


Consumer interest in time-saving appliances isn’t a recent trend. What is? Brands leveraging smart technology to lend a helping hand with everything from meal planning to cooking. Examples include the new AI-powered Samsung Food app (which functions as a personalized cooking assistant) and multipurpose kitchen products like this Cuisinart appliance that can air fry, bake and even grill.


3. Big on Buckwheat

Ancient grains, once relegated to the back aisles of health food stores, have become more mainstream in recent years thanks to increased focus on their nutritional properties. The “it” grain of 2024 is predicted to be buckwheat. Not only is it packed with protein and fibre, but the nutritious cover crop helps support soil health and sustainable agriculture practices.

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4. Faux Fish

With an increased focus on veg-forward meals, more people are embracing plant-based alternatives to traditional seafood dishes. Brands are adapting as a result, offering up everything from mushroom “calamari” to carrot-based “lox”. Vegan restaurants are also testing the waters with more dishes like watermelon “ahi tuna” sushi and hearts-of-palm “crab cakes”.


5. Tahini-Based Everything


According to the New York-based Specialty Food Association (SFA), 2024 will be the year we celebrate tahini in all its glory. The traditional Middle Eastern paste (made from ground sesame seeds) is already a staple ingredient in foods like hummus and salad dressings, but it’s also becoming a coveted component in dishes like smoothies, cookies and even coffee.


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6. Tropical Takeover

When it comes to trend forecasting, Pinterest can almost predict the future. The popular visual search engine released its 2024 trends report to reveal that, based on recent search data, food (and even home decor) will likely get a sun-soaked upgrade this year. Dish examples include pineapple mocktails, Hawaiin-inspired sheet pan meals and pineapple upside down cake.


7. Melty Mashups

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Pinterest also identified an increase in search traffic for melty, comfort food hybrids like pizza pot pie and cheeseburger tacos. Let your imagination be your guide as you mash your two favourite cheesy dishes together this year. Creativity in the kitchen will reign supreme as we look for easy ways to reinvent some of our most beloved home-cooked meals.


8. 360° Sustainability

No longer is it enough for brands to offer a clean ingredients list – consumers expect more. That means an increased focus on products that prioritize overall sustainability. One product example is GoMacro Protein Bars, a mother-daughter founded company that uses 100% organic ingredients while working with responsible suppliers, using compostable packaging and even producing the bars in facilities powered with renewable energy.

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9. Women’s Health

Another trend identified in the Whole Foods 2024 Market Forecast: food and supplement products that support women’s health, from energy bars formulated to support menopause to postpartum cookies that help enhance breast milk supply. TikTok has also had a major influence with viral recipes like “sleepy girl mocktails” and a raw carrot salad for estrogen support.


10. Face Value

With food inflation expected to rise again this year (between 2.5 and 4.5 per cent in Canada) consumers will continue to be strategic with how they spend their money and the products they choose to place inside their grocery carts. This means it’s up to brands to bring more value to the table too, such as condiments with greater versatility or items that boast a longer shelf life.

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